-How can I donate?

  • Donations are being taken via our online ordering platform.  Because this is a restaurant computer system, it will make you choose between a pick up or delivery order before you can donate.  Just choose pick up and finish out your donation as if you were ordering a pizza, and we’ll handle the rest!  No tax, no fees.   We’re also taking donations over the phone!

– Can I add a donation onto my regular pizza order?

  • Of course!  If you’d like to add one onto your regular order, feel free.  You can also add on a donation onto a phone order or when you come to pick up your curbside order.

– Do I need to deliver the pizza donations?

  • No!  We will handle the deliveries.  Once you’ve donated, you’re all done.

– How much can I donate?

  • All donations are in increments of $10, but how much to donate is totally up to you!

– What exactly am I donating towards?

  • With every $10 donation, we are able to make and deliver 2 large pizzas.  Each week, we are going to tally up all the donations and make one big delivery to one of our local hospitals.  We will be working equally with all Prisma, Lexington Medical, and Providence Hospitals.  These weekly meal deliveries will continue as long as this pandemic is affecting our city.

– Can I specify which hospital I would like to donate towards?

  • Because we are taking deliveries to different hospitals each week, we are unable to transmit personal messages or specify money towards a specific hospital.