In order to do our part to thank front-line healthcare workers during the Covid-19 crisis, we are taking donations to feed hospital workers.

Every $10 donation allows us to make and deliver 2 large pizzas.  We will be collecting money weekly and bulk delivering food based on donations.  Since we are not delivering these pizzas individually, we are not able to put your donation towards feeding a specific hospital staff, but we are rotating meals evenly between all Prisma, Lexington Medical, and Providence locations.

To donate, click the link below.  Because this is our online ordering platform, you will have to choose ‘Pick up’ as your order type first thing, but disregard the pick up time and location.  Don’t worry – we’ll take it from there!  Just finish your order like you were putting in a regular old take out and then sit back, wash your hands, and let us do the hard work!
Donate Here!

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