1.  Applications submitted in person will not be considered.

2.  Must provide a W9 or nonprofit in good standing status with the Secretary of State’s office of South Carolina.  No checks will be written to any for-profit business or any individual.

3.  Must provide all social media tags associated with the organization.

4.  Must use the Village Idiot logo in all materials for promotion of the event.  A logo will be provided upon request. Must tag Village Idiot Pizza in all social media promotion of the event.  Village Idiot will also share and tag the event the week leading up to the event.

5.  Must provide the restaurant at least 100 flyers (quarter page size max) to promote the event on pizza boxes.  The flyers must be dropped off one week prior to the event.

6.  Must have representation at the restaurant for the majority of the event.

7.  Your attendee’s MUST check-in to Village Idiot Pizza on Facebook or tweet that they are here during the percent night hours of 4 pm – close in order for your organization to be eligible for the max sales.  It is your responsibility to promote that in your advertising and night of the event.  This is how we will track your attendance.

8.  Must meet a minimum gross sales to be eligible for any contribution: Five Points: $2500 and Olympia: $1500. 

9.  Once all the above items have been met your contribution will be calculated as follows:  All menu sales collected will be calculated by taking the evening’s net sales (gross sales minus taxes LESS:  1. food cost percentage (30%), 2. delivery total, 3. any house tabs for the night (comp drinks), and 4. Gift certificates redeemed.  A percentage of that net number will be donated directly to the organization’s charity.

10. A minimum of 10% will be donated on all net sales.  An additional 5% will be given per $500 of additional sales above the minimum.  Groups that cannot meet the minimum will not be given priority on dates requested in the future but may be given consideration to book another event and combine sales of both events.  This is at the Village Idiot’s discretion.

11.  In order to receive your contribution, you must email vipizza@bellsouth.net after the event to determine pickup time.  It could take up to two weeks to process from the time you request the numbers.  IMPORTANT:  checks are not automatically cut; it is your responsibility to request your potential contribution.  There is a 60-day deadline to request for donations.

12.  We will only book one event per semester that benefits the same charity, class, etc.  It will be on a first-come first-served basis and at the discretion of the Village Idiot.  We reserve the right to give priority to the organizations raising money for children’s charities and USC club teams as that is the focus of the Village Idiot’s fundraising.

13.  Event time will be from 4 pm – Close.  All sales during that time will count.


14. All entertainment must be approved prior to the event.  No more than 2 piece band permitted.    It is the responsibility of the organizers to coordinate with Village Idiot in advance for any entertainment.  If organizers arrive the day of with unapproved entertainment they will not be allowed to perform.